Durham Art Walk

Fantastic Live Music!

Thank you to these talented local musicians who performed at the 2017 Durham Art Walk Holiday Market!:

Coordinated by Kirk Ridge, North Carolina Songwriter’s Co-Op

Saturday November 18 at the Durham Arts Council (site 1)
11:00 AM Frank Pierce
11:30 AM Dave Strausfeld
12:00 PM Ben Kimmel
12:30 PM Heather Kenney
1:00 PM Michael Melia
1:30 PM Carol Parker Schafer
2:00 PM John Stevens
2:30 PM William Burton
3:00 PM Gilbert Neal
3:30 PM Ryan Bonner

Saturday November 18 at Vega Metals (site 17), Organized by Squier Red
9:00 AM Squier Red & The Blues Band
11:00 AM Tracked Out
1:00 PM Nakiya Soul

Sunday November 19 at the Durham Arts Council (site 1)
1:00 PM Ceil and Dan
1:30 PM Dackel
2:00 PM Hugh Willard
2:30 PM Alice Osborn
3:00 PM Matt Chambers
3:30 PM Daniel Nickels
4:00 PM Glenn Jones

Sunday November 19 at Vega Metals (site 17)
9:00 AM Lenny Mojo Hand G