Durham Art Walk

Fantastic Live Music!

The 2015 Durham Art Walk Holiday Market will feature music performed by talented local musicians. The Holiday Market line-up will be announced in early November.

During the 2015 Durham Art Walk SPRING Market, musicians at the Durham Arts Council (site 1), The Durham Armory (site 12), and Beer Durham (site 21) were coordinated by Kirk Ridge. Musicians at Vega Metals (site 15) were organized by Squier Red.

Saturday 5/2 Durham Arts Council Pavilion (Site 1)
10:00-10:40a Aaron Lubeck
10:50-11:30a Ken Cleary
11:40a-12:20p Quentin Rashad
12:30-1:10p Pippa Hoover Duo
1:20-2:25p Steve Hartsoe
2:35-3:40p Ike Fontaine
4:00-5:00p Camelot Academy Vocal Ensembles

Saturday 5/2 The Durham Armory (Site 12)
10:50-11:30a Ceil and Dan
11:40a-12:20p Isabel Taylor
12:30-1:10p James Olin Oden
1:20-2:00p Michael Burch
2:10-2:50p Kirk Ridge and Friends
3:00-3:40p Paul Rosenberg and Joe Woodson

Saturday 5/2 Vega Metals (Site 15)
10:00a Squier Red & The Blues Band
12:00p The Groovynators
2:00p Gene ONeill

Saturday 5/2 Beer Durham (Site 21)
12:00-1:00p Ceil and Dan
1:00-2:00p Isabel Taylor
2:00-3:00p Ken Cleary
3:00-4:00p Michael Burch
4:00-5:00p Paul Rosenberg and Joe Woodson

Sunday 5/3 Durham Arts Council Pavilion (Site 1)
1:00-1:40p Judson Hair
1:50-2:30p Second shift
2:40-3:20p Bruce Scism
3:30-4:00p Hanna Chai

Sunday 5/3 Durham Arts Council Outdoor Terrace (Site 1)
1:00-3:00p Poetry Fox

Sunday 5/3 The Durham Armory (Site 12)
1:00-1:40p Dackel
1:50-2:30p Mark I
2:40-3:20p Michael Daughtry
3:40-4:00p Michael Paris
4:00-5:00p Cresset Christian Academy

Sunday 5/3 Vega Metals (Site 15)
1:00p Lenny Mojo Slow Hand G

Sunday 5/3 Beer Durham (Site 21)
1:00-2:00p Bruce Scism
2:00-3:30p Mark Ellsworth
3:45-5:00p Michael Daughtry