Durham Art Walk

Fantastic Live Music!

The 2016 Durham Art Walk Spring Market will feature performances by these talented local musicians:

Coordinated by Kirk Ridge, North Carolina Songwriter’s Co-Op

Saturday April 30 at the DAC Pavilion (site 1)
10:10am-10:50am Brad Croushorn
11:00am-11:40am Kimberly Brown
11:50am-12:30pm Michael Melia
12:40pm-1:20pm Penne Sandbeck
1:30pm-2:10pm Bett Padgett
2:20pm-3:00pm Mark Ellsworth
3:10pm-4:00pm Second Shift

Saturday April 30 at Beer Durham (Site 31)
11:00am-11:40am Daniel Nickels
11:50am-12:30pm Ken Cleary
12:40pm-1:20pm Alice Osborn
1:30pm-2:10pm Glenn Jones
2:20pm-3:00pm Aaron Lubeck
3:10pm-4:00pm Michael Daughtry

Saturday April 30 at Blue Note Grill (site 28)
11:00am-11:40am Becky Ann
11:50am-12:30pm James Olin Oden
12:40pm-1:20pm Ceil & Dan
1:30pm-2:10pm Kirk Ridge & Friends
2:20pm-3:00pm Isabel Taylor
3:10pm-4:00pm Graymatter

Saturday April 30 at Vega Metals (site 25) Organized by Squier Red
10:00am Squier Red & The Blues Band
12:30pm Mudbones Blues Review

Sunday May 1 at the DAC Pavilion (site 1)
1:00pm-1:40pm Judson
1:50pm-2:30pm Bill West
2:40pm-3:40pm Camelot Academy

Sunday May 1 at Blue Note Grill (site 28)
1:00pm-1:40pm Dackel
1:50pm-2:30pm Mysti Mayhem
2:40pm-3:40pm Emily Musolino

Sunday May 1 at Vega Metals (site 25)
10:00am Lenny Mojo Hand G